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Facebook Ads: Brand Safety Controls

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Facebook says that, In first time the news feed will be in control to the specific topic exclusion. Facebook will manage the feed environment by controls. New feature of Facebook is allows the marketers to which types of content they want to saw their ads on side of sensitive content. For example In kids related content page should not be shown the new crime show.

Topic exclusions: Some of the topics like News and Politics, Social Issues etc. are excluded from the testing. This kind of feature is helpful for advertiser to show their ads appear in user’s news feed and this will ensure that their product or services do not show up to next to the topic which is not associated with it. This will gives same feel continue to learn and explore throughout the test phase and also keep modify the topic to be excluded.

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Brand Safety in Facebook Ads:

Now brand is more aware and want to ensure to show appropriate advertisement. In this year, brand safety is not a new concept but brand awareness is incredibly important for business success and for product values and one more important thing is website, yes find a good website design company to create attractive website.

Many bands work as a lot of things are not seen in parallel to insensitive or irrelevant content especially on social media. Also expert says, exclusions may be not the best option for advertisers. Brands have fill that the habit of blocking ads after negative news or pausing them entirely because these are unsafe for their brands.

Privacy Considerations:

Facebook already announce that Privacy will be the our core to all other tools that are developed this new tool is not a different. To improve digital safety, Facebook is working with Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).

Every new product is but with privacy in mind to protect people’s information. Facebook also says before release we will understand advertisement performance and efficiency with commitment of privacy. Obviously  it is time consuming process but once it is finish the process successfully it will add value.

At last, this new feature will gives advertiser more control over the brands and safety concern.  Before advertiser have to add list of blocked keywords to exclude but this new feature will gives more control over. Connect with us for better ROI Facebook Ads

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